Pianu Academy


A 20-lesson course to teach you how to read music, play chords, and master technique.

Begin with the Basics

No keyboard required. Start playing right away with 3 easy songs, and learn the names of the keys.

Unit 1: Setting the Stage

Play your first notes on the staff, explore the most popular chord in pop music, and master crossing-the-thumb.

Unit 2: Taking off the Gloves

Play your first left-hand notes on the staff, expand your harmony into the minor chord, and finish off with a 10-finger coordination challenge.

Unit 3: Getting in the Groove

Unlock the notation of rhythm, and play the chord of blues and jazz, before challenging your fingers with a two-octave scale!

Unit 4: Wowing the Crowd

Take your rhythm to the next level with syncopations and meter, play your first Suspended chord, and stretch those fingers to new levels with arpeggios.

Unit 5: Bringing Down the House

Slide into the black keys of the piano with accidentals and key signatures, while learning 3 new scales in other keys!

Unit 6: Ducking Bouquets

Connect all your harmony lessons together, and learn how to play chords like a pro. Complete the Academy with 3 finger-twisting new scales.

Anyone Can Play Piano

Learn at your own pace, anywhere, anytime.


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What will I learn from Pianu Academy?

Using guided play-alongs, 20 interactive lessons, you'll learn how to read sheet-music, and chord charts. You'll also learn the fundamentals of playing, with guided technique lessons to start training your hands right away.

Do I need a musical keyboard to use Pianu Academy?

A musical keyboard is recommended but not required. Pianu turns any web-connected device into a Piano, so you can start learning using your touchscreen, or computer keyboard. If you're interested in purchasing a musical keyboard, check out our recommendations!

How is Pianu Academy different from other ways to learn piano?

Pianu Academy is the only web-based educational course that is fully interactive. You'll start playing songs right away, getting your fingers moving through scales. The best part: you can access Pianu on any device connected to the internet - learning whenever and wherever you are.

How long will it take me to complete Pianu Academy?

Pianu is designed to let you learn at your own pace and skill level - each lesson is packed with content, including supplemental practice songs in the Song Library.