Test My Connection

Welcome! To start playing Pianu, we need to enable MIDI in your browser.

The fastest way to do this is by using Chrome, which has MIDI enabled automatically!

Click to Download Chrome and start playing

To enable MIDI in Firefox and Safari, a small plug-in is required.

It’s quick and easy to install.

I want to use Firefox or Safari

Mac Users

Download Plugin for Mac

System Preferences -> Security Settings -> Allow Plugin

Once you’ve installed the plugin, relaunch your browser, and return to this page.

You’ll see a small pop-up like so:

Click “allow” and you’re all set!

Not sure how to connect your keyboard to your computer?

MIDI is enabled!
Pianu just needs to detect your keyboard.

Connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer, and relaunch your browser.

Not sure how to connect your keyboard to your computer?

I relaunched my browser but I’m still not connected

It’s okay, here are a few troubleshooting steps.

In Chrome, click the padlock in the URL bar, and make sure that “MIDI devices full control” is set to “always allow”.


Installing a Driver

Some MIDI keyboards – the popular Yamaha YPG-235 for instance – require that a driver first be installed on your computer for it to receive the MIDI data.

Drivers are easy to install, and can be downloaded for free online.
Click here for Yamaha Keyboard Drivers
Click here for M-Audio Keyboard Drivers

Your manufacturer’s website is the best place to find your keyboards’ corresponding driver.

Once installed, simply relaunch your browser.

Computer Reboot

A simple restart of your computer solves many driver issues that could have arisen during installation, and refreshes your operating system.

Verifying your keyboard

Mac Users

Open up Audio MIDI Setup to see a visual representation of your MIDI connection.

Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup > Window > Show MIDI Setup

Click “Test Setup” and play a few keys to verify your keyboard is connecting to your Mac.

PC Users

We can verify your computer is recognizing your MIDI keyboard by going to the Device Manager.
Start > Control Panel > Device Manager

Your MIDI controller should show up in Universal Serial Bus Controllers or Sound, video and game controllers.

For further Windows MIDI diagnostic tools, here is a helpful tutorial using MIDI-OX.

Still not connected? We want to help!

Send us an email with the model of your keyboard, and if you’re using a mac or pc.


How do I relaunch my browser?

For Chrome: simply type chrome://restart into the URL bar and hit enter.

For Firefox: quit your browser and upon restarting it click “Restore Previous Session” at the bottom right.

Using a Chromebook?
Press and hold the Refresh and Power buttons together.

We’re feeling a strong connection!

Play a few keys!

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