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How to Learn Piano Without a Piano (We Promise It’s Possible)

April 24.2020
Learn piano without a piano? Is it really possible? It sounds like a marketing ploy or something made up to...

Learn piano without a piano? Is it really possible? It sounds like a marketing ploy or something made up to sell you a keyboard, but actually, there are a lot of things you can do to learn how to play the piano without having to touch a piano at all.

We’d definitely be lying if we said that having to learn piano without a piano was easy. However, limited access does not have to be the end of your attempts to learn the instrument for the first time. Technology is finding solutions to a lot of these sorts of issues.

The Story of Andrew Garrido

We have shared this before on our blog, but it is worth sharing again. Andrew Garrido learned how to play the piano with extremely limited access to pianos. In his words, he drew out the dimensions of the keys on paper, and would use this to practice, imagining the notes as he did so.

This is not what we are suggesting for most people, but it is an amazing example of how innovative people can be, and the problem-solving Andrew achieved. The full story can be read here.

Using a Synth or MIDI Keyboard

You might not have a piano, but you might have something with a keyboard on it. A MIDI keyboard that doesn’t generate sound can be used to control the lessons within the Pianu Academy, so you can trigger notes inside your browser.

A synthesizer may also have a keyboard attached to it so you can use these sounds, just be warned that it will not sound much like a piano. However, a keyboard is a keyboard, and you can use these to learn the layout of notes, how to play chords, and how to play melodies. Eventually, the piano you play might feel different, but the location of the notes is the same.

A cheap keyboard is a pretty poor substitute for a piano if you are talking about playing on stage, but we’re just talking about the first steps. A cheap, even toy keyboard, can teach you where the notes are on a piano and to start to play very simple melodies.

In-Browser Learning

Pianu is proud to be a browser-based learning system. You can learn how to play melodies and songs without having to leave your browser. You can even use your laptop keyboard as a makeshift piano keyboard to get you used to some of the techniques of playing. This is one way to learn piano without a piano, or even access to a keyboard.

If you have one lesson a week, for instance, you can then use your time in between to practice piano in your own way, within a browser on a laptop, computer, or even on an iPad with a special browser.

Learn By Watching or Reading

Want to know how to learn the piano without a piano? Watching is nearly as good as doing. If you are watching piano tutorials every day, even if you don’t necessarily play the notes, it can be a good way to soak up loads of knowledge and technique. Even just watching piano cover versions on YouTube can be an inspiration and a way to start to build knowledge.

Immerse yourself in every bit of piano information you can. Even reading books and piano blogs can be a good way to pick up knowledge and start to better understand, ready for the time when you do have access to a piano or digital piano, and can start to put your knowledge into practice.

Is it ideal to learn piano without a piano? No, but it is possible.

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