Piano Chord Progression Generators – Cheating or a Great Tool?

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Piano chord progression generators. Is it cheating? Are they worth exploring when you want to write a new song for your piano or even just learn some new progressions?

A piano chord progression generator can be a fantastic way to get started with an idea. They have two main benefits:

  1. If you are running out of ideas, or not feeling very inspired, you can use a generator to give you something to work with. We all have days where we sit at the piano and feel a bit uninspired.
  2. If you’re still learning, and you aren’t sure what chords go together, a generator might be able to give you a progression, or a sequence of chords that will sound good together.

Are Piano Chord Progression Generators Cheating?

Did you know that when The Beatles started writing songs, they would find songs they liked by other artists and rearrange the chords until they had something they liked? There are only a set number of chords, and chord progressions, so if you are looking to come up with a new song then you are likely to use chord sequences that have been used before whether you use a generator or not.

For this reason, we don’t think of chord progression generators as cheating, or as any sort of negative thing. Instead, we think they are a great way to spark an idea when your brain isn’t doing it for you. If you were to use the same melody and lyrics of another song, you might be encroaching on copyright infringement, but a few chords that work together can be used again and again with no worries. You can use these chords to build upon.

The Best Piano Chord Progression Generators

On to the best generators you can use, and how to use them in order to start your newest masterpiece or just practice playing some chords that go together.


This is a tool that can be used either within your browser or as an app. It can generate chords based on some settings that you choose, such as what key you would like it to be in, and the tempo. You can even download an audio file or MIDI file to import into your DAW. This means you can also see the notes within the chord, and even edit them MIDI, apply different sounds and much more.


Random Chord Progression Generator

This tool has been created as an educational website. Rather than just throw sounds at you, it creates sheet music for you to follow.

This is a way to help with sight-reading, improv, and generally just becoming a better musician. Of course, you can use this to spark the inspiration for a new song.

Random Chord Progression Generator by Music Theory Practice


This is quite similar to ChordChord, but one of the features we really like about this is the fact that it includes chord variations. Having multiple sequences that go together can allow you to start to build a full song.

You can also choose a “feel” for your sequence, and not just “happy” or “sad”. You can choose to make your sequence sound “creepy” or even “wistful”.



Piano chord progression generators are just simple tools. Some musicians have a level of snobbery about them, but while you are learning, whether through the Pianu academy or elsewhere, generators can help you to work out which chords go together.

There are many ways to come up with new ideas on your piano, and to find chord progressions that sound good, but for some beginners, a chord progression generator can be the ideal starting point.

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