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What is Pianu?

A new, interactive way to learn piano online.

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No apps to download or awkward videos to keep up with. Just real-time tutorials right in your browser.

See for yourself, press the yellow key.

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Connect a real piano

Pianu works with all MIDI keyboards, just plug in and play.

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I think Pianu is a really good combination, being able to both use a MIDI input (like an electric piano) or a computer keyboard if you don't have one available.

Calvin, 17, USA

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What people are saying

I need a bigger keyboard, this is addictive @Playpianu

— Pete (@petedykstra) February 16, 2017

@sathersam7 sharing how @Playpianu is used in his @JesElementary music class.

— Mike Larson (@MrLarsonJES) January 18, 2016

Don't start unless you have hours to play. #piano @Playpianu #blankspace #chopsticks #game #music

— MadLegs Media (@MadLegsMedia) February 17, 2016

Have you been wanting to learn piano? Do you have a keyboard and a MIDI to USB adaptor/cable? Check out @Playpianu!
I just tried and loved!

— Adam Emanon (@AdamEmanon) January 29, 2016

@pianu What a wonderful website! A new way to #playpiano. Easy & FUN!

— Hello You! (@hellomissme) June 4, 2015

So, @Playpianu is essentially like @Rocksmithgame for your MIDI...and I love it. #DigitalMusic #MIDI #LearnPiano

— Russ Hockenbury (@russtheett) December 21, 2016

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