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Pianu is the first interactive online piano that teaches you how to
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Check out our selection of virtual piano tutorials! Play with your own keyboard or with our Midi Keyboard for the full experience.

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Browse our selection of songs! Play anything from today’s hottest hits, to classical masterpiece, and seasonal favorites. All levels and genres available.

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Deal, discounts, and real-time piano equipment inventory all in one place. Play like a Pro!

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Browse through our broad range of piano accessories online. Best prices guaranteed!

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Get a tailor-made piano learning experience by joining an individual or group class with a live teacher.

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Become a world-famous piano star playing several songs against your friends.

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How Pianu Works

Pianu was designed to make learning fun. Learn at your own speed, practice whatever sign tickles your fancy, try bite-sizes lessons to teach musical theory and to play the piano. Play with your own keyboard or use our Midi-Keyboard for the full experience.

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