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Quality is prioritized over quantity; most executive contributors write 6-12 quality articles in a year. You should pay much attention to the quality of your articles, structure, and grammar. You can choose the number of articles you want to write and when to submit them.

Select topics that generate increasing long-term traffic using SEO. Read the guideline on the submission page before you begin writing.


Before you begin writing your articles, we suggest you read get familiar with basic SEO. Writers who write SEO-optimized content have experienced significant changes in the long-term traffic growth of their articles.

Checklist (important)

Select a captivating headline with at least five words. Use terms such as: ‘How to, Here are tips to, Keys to, etc’. Identify the keywords you need to use in your article. To learn more about keywords, you can simply browse websites like Google Keyword Planner.

Create an attention-winning introduction with your identified keywords.

Organize your article with sub-headings that will break down your text into small sections.

Start creating informative and value-rich copy below the subheadings.

Avoid using copied or duplicated content. Using content that already exists on other websites is strictly prohibited as it negatively affects your articles’ ranking. We do not accept duplicated or plagiarized content.

Make use of backlinks from trusted sources. You are allowed to a maximum of 3 backlinks per article. If you can, use internal links from Pianu for better optimization.

After you have written your article, pass it through Grammarly to check for grammar errors.

To get your audience’s attention, use high-quality images.

While your article can be as long as 1,000 words, we highly suggest keeping the articles at 300 words for easy SEO.

Give your content a thorough proofread to guarantee publication

​Always ensure that your article contains little to no errors for fast publication. Use tools such as Grammarly to eliminate spelling and grammar errors. Well-edited articles are optimized and published within five to ten business days. If your article contains many errors, it may take six weeks to publish.

Our goal is to keep your unique voice in your articles, so we aim to have as few edits as possible. From our experience, we found that too much editing and changing the original article alter the writer’s intended message. We, therefore, encourage you to thoroughly proofread your work before submitting it.

Please note that submitting an article with many errors may be rejected and returned for correction and editing.

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Please review and complete all the guiding points above before submitting your article. We don’t publish articles with bad grammar, that are overly promotional, or from restricted industries. Since kids ages 13+ have access to this website content from the following industries is strictly not permitted: medical, alcohol and tobacco, gambling, erotic, religion & faith-based, arms, and similar. No refunds.

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