What is pianu?

A new way to learn piano online

Learn What You Love

The best way to learn piano is by playing your favorite songs. That’s why our Library is always growing. We take requests!

Play Any Way

You can start playing piano right away with your QWERTY keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen. When you’re ready, connect any MIDI keyboard to your computer.

As Fun As A Game

Pianu celebrates your progress every step of the way, as you advance through the Academy racking up badges, repertoire, and high scores.

What will I learn from Pianu?

You’ll master the basics of playing piano, reading sheet music and chords, and the fundamentals of good technique.

Do I need a musical keyboard to use Pianu?

It’s recommended but not required. Pianu turns any web-connected device into a playable piano, so you can start learning right away tapping your touchscreen or qwerty keyboard. To gain the most from the technique lessons however, you’ll want to gain access to a musical keyboard.

Many are available starting as low as $30. View our keyboard page for recommendations.

Why did you create Pianu?

To make the joy of learning piano accessible to everyone.

Read more about Our Mission.


Pianu was created by Matt Curney with original design by Jacob Anderson.

Matt is a professional Pianist and web developer, and passionate about educational access online, pop music arrangements, and Online Word Games.

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