Begin with the Basics

No keyboard required. Get both hands in the game with 3 easy songs, and learn the names of the piano keys.

Fundamentals Time to play

Level 1: Setting the Stage

Play your first notes on the staff, explore the most popular chord in pop music, and master crossing-the-thumb.

Lesson 2The Treble Clef

level 2: Taking off the Gloves

Play your first left-hand notes on the staff, expand your harmony into the minor chord, and finish off with a 10-finger coordination challenge.

Lesson 5The Bass Clef

Level 3: Getting in the Groove

Unlock the notation of rhythm, and play the chord of blues and jazz, before challenging your fingers with a two-octave scale.

Lesson 8Note Lengths

level 4: wowing the crowd

Take your rhythm to the next level with syncopations and meter, play your first Suspended chord, and stretch those fingers to new levels with arpeggios.

Lesson 11Rests, dots, and ties

level 5: Bringing down the house

Slide into the black keys of the piano with accidentals and key signatures, while learning 3 new scales in other keys!

Lesson 15Accidentals

level 6: Ducking bouquets

Connect all your harmony lessons together, and learn how to play chords like a pro. Complete the Academy with 3 finger-twisting new scales.

Lesson 18Chord Inversions

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