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5 Reasons Why Piano Is the Best Place to Start Learning Music

August 16.2017
Looking for a way to break into the world of music but don’t know where to start? Learning piano is...

Looking for a way to break into the world of music but don’t know where to start? Learning piano is the move, and here’s why:

1. Everything you need is right in front of you

With a keyboard that lays out all of the notes you’ll need to learn right at your fingertips, learning to play this age-old instrument couldn’t be simpler. Chords, scales, key signatures, and more are easy to grasp because all of these relationships are laid out under your nose.

2. You just have to press a key

No perfect embouchure, finger pattern on strings, or sweet spot to master: just simply pressing keys and hearing the note you’re supposed to. This makes reading and learning music easier because you can focus on the music in front of you, instead of focusing on technique.

This means piano is also easier for younger kids to grasp, so learning can start at an earlier age.

3. You can play any genre – there’s something for everyone

You can play almost any song on the piano, because it’s a very versatile instrument with a full range of notes. Melody and accompaniment can also be played at the same time by one person on the piano, which allows for not only more variety in music to be played but a better understanding of music theory.

4. The range of pitch is unmatched by any other instrument

Because of the simplicity of pressing a key and getting a perfect pitch, without complex mouth or finger technique, a sense of pitch is quickly learned on the piano. Dynamics can also be learned easier and quicker once a sense of pitch is established, and the dynamic range from soft to loud is one of the most impressive of all instruments.

The wide range of pitch on the piano, with notes at each end of the high and low spectrum, allows for not only versatility in types of music you can play, but also forces you to learn both the bass clef and the treble clef. This knowledge can then be transferred to any instrument, regardless of what clef that music is in!

5. Piano skills are easily applied to other instruments and fields of music

The foundation developed by learning piano, including reading music, a sense of pitch and dynamics, and an understanding of music theory, can be applied to any other instrument, which is why it’s such a great place to start.

These are the 5 Reasons Why Piano Is the Best Place to Start Learning Music!

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