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Theme from Lord of the Rings
Super Mario Bros Theme
Married Life – Up
You Got A Friend In Me – Randy Newman
Your Reality (Melody) – Doki Doki Literature Club
“Fallout 4 Theme” Piano Tutorial
Skyrim Theme Theme
Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme
Hedwig’s Theme – Harry Potter
Mad World – Gary Jules
“Alone” Piano Tutorial
“Star Spangled Banner” Piano Tutorial
How Far I’ll Go – Moana
How to play “La Valse D’amélie” on piano by Yann Tiersen
Crystal Gems – Steven Universe
The Office – Main Theme
Star Wars Theme – John Williams
How to play “Marching Season” by Yanni on piano
“To Zanarkand” – Final Fantasy X
Han Solo And The Princess – John Williams
How to play “Game Of Thrones Theme” by Ramin Djawadi on piano
How to play “The Twilight Zone Theme” by Bernard Herrmann on piano
Stranger Things Theme – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
How to play “Monster Mash Instrumental” by Bobby “boris” Pickett on piano
Jack’s Lament Instrumental – Danny Elfman
Jack’s Lament (melody) – Danny Elfman
How to play “Ghostbusters Instrumental” by Ray Parker Jr. on piano
How to play “Ghostbusters Melody” by Ray Parker Jr. on piano
How to play “Silenzio D’amuri” by Alfio Antico on piano
Lavender’s Blue – Dilly Dilly – Cinderella
How to play “Olympic Games Anthem” by Leo Arnaud on piano
Empire Today Jingle
Oscar Meyer Weiner jingle
Mentos The Freshmaker
Give Me A Break – Kit Kat Jingle
State Farm Jingle
Nationwide Jingle
I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing – Coke
How to play “Doublemint Gum Jingle” by Paul Severson on piano
How to play “Folgers Jingle” by Leslie Pearl on piano
How to play “Dearly Beloved” by Kingdom Hearts Ii on piano
How to play “The Final Countdown Melody” by Europe on piano
How to play “Eugene’s Trick Bag” by Crossroads on piano
How to play “A Whole New World” from Aladdin on piano
How to play “A Fuoco” by Ludovico Einaudi on piano
“Axel-F” Piano Tutorial – Beverly Hills Cop
“Summer 78” Yann Tiersen Piano Tutorial
“Max Payne Theme” Piano Tutorial

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