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Any MIDI keyboard, yep! The majority of electronic musical keyboards have MIDI capabilities built in. Simply look for a USB or MIDI port on the back of your keyboard. You can learn more about connecting your keyboard HERE.
Currently, browsers on iPad do not support MIDI connections. There is a browser you can download on the app store that does, however! It’s called WEB MIDI BROWSER and it allows you to connect to your keyboard via bluetooth or lighting port.
At this point only Chrome supports MIDI connections natively, but you can download a small plugin to use Firefox or Safari. Open up Pianu’s KEYBOARD DETECTION PAGE in either of these browsers to learn more.
Have you tried the troubleshooting steps on our KEYBOARD DETECTION PAGE? If so, send us a note with the model of your keyboard, and we’ll be happy to help!


Simply visit your ACCOUNT SETTINGS page, and click the CANCEL button next to your membership selection. You’ll continue to have access through the remainder of the month/year of your purchased subscription.
Of course! At anytime you can resume your subscription by signing back up with a membership of your choice. Your progress is always saved to your account.
On your ACCOUNT SETTINGS page, simply click the Update Billing Details link next to any payment.
SEND US A MESSAGE, and we’ll promptly remove your Pianu account completely.


Congratulations! Pianu’s learning track is the equivalent of a year of introductory piano lessons, and you’re well on your way. We recommend continuing your lessons one-on-one with a teacher, or through a higher education program.
Yes, many. All included free with your membership.
Every week. We prioritize our user requests, as well as new popular music, and holiday tunes. Send us your request on FACEBOOK or TWITTER, and make sure to follow us to be notified when it’s complete.
You sure can. We have a “uploader” feature available to our members. Check it out here PIANU.COM/UPLOAD.
Many songs contain a video button, that demonstrates how to place your hands. We’re adding more of these videos to our library. You can view our growing selection on this YOUTUBE PLAYLIST.


Yep! Pianu has a built in affiliate program offering up to 50% of all new membership sales you send our way. HELP US SPREAD THE JOY OF LEARNING MUSIC.
To make learning and playing piano available to everyone, and as accessible and affordable as possible. Read our mission statement HERE.

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