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How to find C on a piano. This is an important skill to learn. A lot of people use the note of C to know where they are in an octave, and “middle C” as a way to work out which octave. C is not necessarily the easiest note to find, in fact, it’s the same as any other note. However, C is seen as a sort of central point.

If you want to delve into why there is a middle C instead of middle A or another note, there is a big discussion you can get involved in here. It’s really not certain. However, luckily, you don’t need to know! All you need to remember is that “middle C” is seen as the center of your keyboard or piano, and that each C on the keyboard can be a good way to anchor yourself.

We’ve already covered a little of this in a previous post about remembering notes, it is easy to remember where you are on a keyboard once you have found one note. The whole keyboard goes in alphabetical order, from A-G, then repeats. Find C, and you’ll know that the white note to the right of this is D, and to the left is B.

So, how do we find it?

How to Find C on a Piano or Keyboard

There are a few ways to do this. A quick glimpse at your piano and you should notice that there is a pattern. This pattern is exactly the same the whole way along the piano, and whatever size keyboard or piano you have.

It is easier to have a quick look at the piano. The image below shows where every note is, including middle C.

The pattern is easiest to remember by the black notes. Two, then three, then two, then three…this is the pattern that would go on infinitely if a piano were infinitely big! The C note is always directly to the left of the two black notes, with no exception.

One (childish) way that you can remember where the notes are is to find the two black notes, and think of it as a “doghouse”. The two black notes make up the walls of the doghouse, and inside, we find D (for dog). This means that the white note to the left of it is going to be a C.

Should I Use Stickers?

Piano note stickers can be one sure-fire way to find where the notes are. Some keyboards even have the name of the notes marked above each of the keys.

The guide we made on using piano stickers and marking piano keys covers this in more detail. Basically, it is fine for beginners to use stickers to mark their piano, but eventually, you would not want to rely on the stickers to know where you are. Sooner or later, you will have to know how to find C on a piano without the help of stickers or markers.


A few simple rules can be implemented to ensure that you can find C. These are visual cues, so even if you are totally tone-deaf when you start to play, you will find that you can learn how to find C on a piano without any issues.

Over time, you will come to know the pitch of the notes, and finding C will become second nature to you. To start with, it is useful to remember the tips and tricks of finding the key so that you always have a point on the piano to anchor yourself to and work out where the other keys are.

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