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Pianu – The Relaunch: 2022 Relaunch of Pianu’s Interactive Piano Lessons

November 14.2022
Pianu has evolved! With our relaunch for the fall of 2022 you can enjoy all of the same features and...

Pianu has evolved!

With our relaunch for the fall of 2022 you can enjoy all of the same features and functionality as before, plus a lot of new additions to our virtual piano lessons.

Our platform makes it easy by stripping away a lot of the complex terminology and providing understandable, interactive virtual piano lessons. Using our Academy mode you can follow a complete syllabus to take your skills from beginner to pro. It means even people who have never even touched a piano before can pick up skills quickly.

Our lessons take place within your browser, and you have the option to view the sheet music or follow along with the notes on the piano. You even have the chance to slow down the song while you learn, and even turn the sheet music off entirely to focus on the notes.

Having learned to play with both left and right hands, you can continue to increase your skill level until you can improvise and play a variety of different songs. You’ll find some of your favorite tracks in our interactive song lessons.

The Relaunch

Thousands of hours have gone into this relaunch, taking the great things we already had in place on Pianu and building upon this to provide a brilliant set of features and functions for beginner and intermediate players. Our team has done some painstaking research on what works best for learning the piano and the different methods people like to use. Our platform is totally flexible. Want to learn to read music? It’s easy with Pianu. Want to learn how to play your favorite songs without learning to read music? Also simple.

To get the most out of our course, you should opt for a piano or digital piano/keyboard that has some way for you to connect to your browser, which is where the real magic happens. You can get real-time feedback on your playing! Our innovative system tracks your playing and can at the end of the class, lesson, or song, gives you a score. You can continually look to improve and build upon your score to get the best possible results. All the time you are gaining new skills on the piano.

If you go all out, you can even set up a home music room as advised in this post by our friends at Redfin. This is one way that you can immerse yourself in piano and learn even more quickly. Pianu can be your on-call tutor whenever you need.

You can learn from our interactive virtual song lessons in whichever way or style suits you, in your own time, and for a flexible monthly or annual fee. You can even try out the new look Pianu totally free.

Pianu is an online community as well as a course. The song selection in our lessons is constantly evolving. You can test your skills out with the game-style score system and ultimately become the best pianist you can be, all from the comfort of your own home, without anyone hearing you until you are ready. There’s never been a more convenient way to learn.

We believe anyone can learn piano. Sign up to Pianu today to take your first steps.

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