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Play Piano Without a Piano (All You Need is Your Computer)

July 26.2016
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So you want to play piano without a piano. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s not. Technology has made life a whole lot easier for those who want to learn how to play the piano, and there are a few different workaround options.

There are a few methods here, but we’re guessing you want something that allows you to instantly start playing without any extra equipment. That means a keyboard (no, not a musical one, the one you’re using to type!)

We’re proud to announce that we’ve improved Pianu’s QWERTY feature, to make it easier to play your favorite melodies and songs right on your computer keyboard.

Just open up any song below, and press any key to start playing!

Other Ways to Play Piano Without a Piano

Of course, playing on a QWERTY keyboard is incredibly convenient. It is also a really good way to learn all of the basics of how to play the piano, the relationship between the keys, and the awesome melodies that you’ve always wanted to.

We definitely recommend having some fun with the songs above and taking your very first steps.

When you’re ready, you have other options.

A MIDI Keyboard

can you use a midi keyboard as a piano

You can also use the whole of the Pianu site, academy, and tutorials, using a MIDI keyboard.

This guide will show you how to connect one.

The benefits of a MIDI keyboard include the fact that it is laid out in the same way as any other musical keyboard or piano. If the time comes to play the same song on a piano, you’ll know the notes to play.

It is also much easier to play chords in this way. Piano chords are a collection of notes played at the same time (read more about this, and the difference between chords and scales here). If you’re doing this on a laptop keyboard you probably don’t have a lot of space to work with, and it can be tough to get your fingers in position.

MIDI keyboards are a logical next step. Are they expensive? You might be surprised. Because they don’t have a sound engine, they are inexpensive compared to a lot of keyboards and digital pianos.

Methods to Practice Piano Without a Piano

If you’re away from your piano and you want to practice, you’ve still got some options. Of course, using a QWERTY keyboard is one of these options. It’s a great way to refresh your memory, and with the Pianu course, the fact that you can see a visual layout of a piano on screen makes it even simpler.

The video above covers some other cool techniques. During the learning process, it is a good idea to immerse yourself in piano. Watching tutorial videos, even practicing the ‘muscle memory’ aspects of piano makes a huge difference.

We share this story a lot on the blog, because it is so inspiring, and proof you can learn no matter what setbacks and limitations you have.


Learning piano without a piano? No problem at all. With steps like the added support for QWERTY keyboards here on Pianu, you have methods available even without a MIDI keyboard or other musical keyboard.

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