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9 iconic jingles you can play right now on your computer keyboard

July 21.2016
Kit Kat bars are basically chocolate piano keys.

You know them. You may love or loathe them. But the best way to get a devastatingly catchy jingle out of your head is to master it.

Jingles have that amazing way of getting stuck in your head, don’t they? Well now, you can make sure you’re the one playing the jingles. Your friends will either love it or hate it.

Each one of these familiar jingles plays great using just your QWERTY Keyboard. No piano required. Try it out yourself. You can use a keyboard with MIDI if you prefer, but you don’t have to!


1. Nationwide is on your side

As short, sweet, and effective as a frontal airbag deployment.


2. Mentos, the Fresh Maker!

Like the classic Netherlandish mint, this tune is Mentos Fresh and full of life! Your piano playing can soon be as fresh as your breath on Mentos!


3. Empire Today

Who knew carpeting and carpeting installation services were such fertile ground for sonic gold?


4. Like a Good Neighbor State Farm is There

Originally penned by Barry Manilow in 1971 (yes, really), this jingle will have you upgrading to comprehensive coverage in no time. This is definitely one for the older generations! If you don’t know it, you might have to ask your parents about it.


5. Folgers, The Best part of Waking up

Put the rich, dark aroma of mountain roasted coffee beans in your cup, and in your ear!

This is another of the older generation jingles that still sound great, modernized so you can play it on your computer keyboard here at Pianu.


6. I’d like to teach the world to sing (in perfect harmony)

A jingle so powerful even Mad Men used it to spread its message of hope and positivity.

This is the sort of song that doesn’t just stay a jingle. There are so many cultural references to the song, and if you play it in a room full of people, the chances are that most are going to recognize it. An upbeat and joyous song.


7. Double your pleasure, double your fun

Fun fact: this jingle is timed to last precisely as long as the flavor of a stick of Doublemint gum.


8. Gimme a break

Kit Kats are basically just chocolate piano keys. This is one of the easier jingles to play and you can quickly learn how to bust it out on your computer keyboard.


9. I wish I were an oscar meyer wiener

This composition is as tight as an intestinal casing stuffed with pork trimmings and edible byproducts! This song was also immortalized in The Simpsons, so people everywhere know the melody.

Why Learn on Your Computer Keyboard?

It isn’t just a cool party trick. Learning songs on your computer keyboard is one of the ways to get used to your piano keyboard, and how the basics of piano work. On the Pianu academy, it is one of the most effective ways of practicing even when you don’t have a keyboard or a piano sitting in front of you.

Of course, there are always new and catchy jingles coming out that you simply can’t forget. That’s sort of the point of jingles, right?

Don’t see your favorite jingle? Let us know on facebook or twitter and we’ll add it to the library!

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