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Practicing the Piano: How to Stop Procrastinating

April 28.2020
This guide will show you how you can start practicing the piano and feel proud of yourself for getting things...

This guide will show you how you can start practicing the piano and feel proud of yourself for getting things done.

Several years ago, I decided to write and publish a book that would help my piano students stop procrastinating, build their self-confidence, and learn how they can maximize their efforts while practicing the piano.

I initially estimated that completing the entire book would take me approximately four months – with a final word count of between 40,000 and 60,000 words.

However, on multiple occasions, I would take a seat with my laptop on my laps ready to start writing, but never really get started. I know, it’s ironic that I was procrastinating even though what I was writing was supposed to motivate my students to do the exact opposite.

But the truth is, I was totally paralyzed by anxiety and the fear that my work would not be good enough to make a difference. So instead of getting started, I wasted lots of time always “researching” some new content for the book.

This nuisance went on for several weeks until I was sick of procrastinating on completing my book so I came up with a powerful strategy that helped me finish and publish my book.

Today, I’ve tweaked that strategy to meet your needs so it can help you start practicing the piano as you’ve always wanted.

Without further delay, let us skip to the main section of the post.

Why start practicing the piano?

The fact you are reading this guide shows that you’re at least thinking about the instrument, and that is a good start.

But to help you get things done, you need to remind yourself what attracted you to the instrument in the first place. Did you probably hear about how fascinating it is to craft your own music and master a piece you couldn’t play last month? Or perhaps you’re after the pure joy you can bring your loved ones with a simple melody.

Whatever the reason was, reconnecting with it will help you get pumped up the same way you were the first time the thought crossed your mind.

That said, if you need more persuasions, then there are lots of benefits of learning the piano as well. It improves time management, perseverance, and concentration. Practicing the piano has also been proved to increase memory capacity and raise one’s emotional intelligence.

Add to that the fact it has been linked to success in other different areas of life.

Why start practicing the piano now?

After questioning hundreds of my piano students over the years, I have found that two common thoughts tend to pop up in most of their heads, which in turn block them from getting started practicing the piano. These are the thoughts we’ll tackle in this section to help you get started right away

  1. I’ll do it some other time

Not feeling in the perfect mindset to get started? Too busy with something else? The reality is, these thoughts stem from a subtle fear of failure. But you can break through, trust me. Or trust the hundreds of thousands of people that started with Pianu and went on to play amazing tunes on renowned platforms.

So start right away and avoid any second thoughts the triy to put you off.

  1. I’m too late. I think I should have started earlier

If I had a quarter for every time I heard this excuse, I’d be the richest man in the world today.

It is never too late for anyone to start practicing the piano. Take Alan Rusbridger, for example. This journalist started practicing the piano at the age of 56 and he was able to master a sophisticated Chopin piece in concert in less than a year.

So I urge you to see yourself four years from now, as the best piano player in the world, and thanking yourself for starting when you did. And the time to begin is now.

If you love this content on how to stop procrastinating and start practicing the piano, then I’m confident you’ll love this one on the benefits of learning the piano online.

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