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Recording Piano on Your Phone – Best Benefits of Recording Your Playing

March 4.2020
Recording piano on your phone? For many beginners, the idea of being recorded is pretty scary. There are lots of...

Recording piano on your phone?

recording piano on your phone

For many beginners, the idea of being recorded is pretty scary. There are lots of advantages to recording piano on your phone, and even if you cringe at the idea of hearing your errors, it is worth doing it.

In the modern age, most of us walk around with a smartphone in our pockets. We can record our playing easily, and though the recordings may not be worthy of release, they have a number of important benefits. In this post, we look at the “why” and the “how” of recording tinkling the ivories on your phone.

Benefits of Recording Yourself Playing

What’s the point of having recordings of your playing? Are there really significant benefits to recording yourself? Is it worth the hassle? We think it’s a great idea, for a number of reasons.

Tips for Recording Piano on Your Phone

With most phones, this will be really easy to do. You can use your voice recording application. However, for a bit more detail and the option to edit and cut your piano recordings afterward, record into software such as GarageBand. This now comes free with Apple devices.

If you are just planning to use the recording as a reference, the quality doesn’t need to be amazing, it just needs to be clear enough. Place your phone about 5 inches from the speakers on your digital piano or keyboard, or set it on the music stand of your acoustic piano for clear results.

If you want to go into a bit more detail, and get higher quality recordings, you can buy microphones specifically designed for use with a phone. USB microphones can sometimes be used with an adapter. You can even buy a quality condenser microphone for your phone, and this may give enough quality for recordings that can be used in releases, or as demos.


How much detail you want to get from your recordings is up to you. If you plan to get into home recordings, you might invest in a decent microphone. Alternatively, most phones now come with a mic that offers a decent level of clarity, and allow you to make a recording piano on your phone and listen back to practices and performances.

It doesn’t take much effort to hit record before you start playing, but it can be a worthwhile exercise for improving your playing and sharing it with others. It’s truly easier than ever, and if you’re not proud of your playing, you can keep it to yourself.

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