Best Time to Practice Piano – Our Best Tips for Piano Practice

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Best time to practice piano. Is it really something you need to consider before you get started? Does it matter what time you play?

Really, it is common sense that at some times in the day your brain will soak up knowledge better than others, but how do you work out when those times are? Is there one set best time to practice piano or does it vary from person to person?

While there is not a specific answer or a definitive “4 pm is the best time to practice piano” statement we can make, there are some vital considerations and ways you can ensure that you have at least avoided times where your brain might not function.

Considering Others

We should start by saying that you should think about others. If you don’t have the capacity to play in silence, using headphones, you should not be practicing when people are getting their valuable sleep. This is especially true if you’re playing acoustic piano, and you can’t turn the volume down.

Many keyboards and digital pianos come with the option to reduce the volume or plug your headphones in, so it may not be an issue. Still, it’s worth thinking about. Your family might have some thoughts about the best time to practice piano!

Understand Your Body Clock, Understand the Best Time to Practice Piano

There are a few schools of thought on this. If you are the sort of person who is good at getting up and getting things done in the morning, it could be that this is the best time to avoid distractions. Finding the most suitable time is about finding a way to focus purely on what you are doing.

On the other hand, many people find mornings a drag. Remember those early school lessons? Chances are, you might not focus as well, especially if you struggle. There really are morning people and night owls. Work out which one you are.

If you usually find that you feel more switched on in early evening, it could be that this represents a better option. Have the chance to log into the Pianu Academy in the afternoon? Go for it.

The key thing is to work out the times that will not work for you.

When Not to Practice

There are a few times when we would advise against practicing:

Work Out the Best Time for You

Using this process of elimination, you can work out a time that is good for you. We recommend keeping to a routine and playing at similar times each day. While it isn’t essential, it helps you stick to the pattern of playing regularly, and this is the best way to absorb the new knowledge of playing the piano.

The single “best time to practice piano” may not exist, but it is possible to establish what works better for you and maximize the effectiveness of your practice time.

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