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Learn Piano on iPad – The Best Things About iPad Piano Lessons

April 23.2020
Learn piano on iPad, can you really use an iPad to learn how to play the piano or do you...

Learn piano on iPad, can you really use an iPad to learn how to play the piano or do you need much more equipment? In this guide, we’re looking at the ways to learn piano on iPad and whether they are as effective as some of the other methods. Should you learn on a tablet or mobile device or is it much better to use a computer, a tutor, or another method of learning?

There’s not much you can’t do with an iPad these days, and it is a useful tool for budding musicians in so many different ways.

Learn Piano on iPad Without a Keyboard

If you don’t have a keyboard, or your keyboard or piano will not connect to your iPad, then you can still use tools to learn how to play the piano.

There are some keyboard or synthesizer apps out there, as well as some basic applications that have piano lessons on them. A list of good educational apps for iPad can be found here. A lot of these have some sort of virtual keyboard, and though it doesn’t give you the experience of pressing piano keys, it does teach you where the notes are and which sounds and tones they play.

Not all of the aspects of playing the piano involve actual practice. Instead, you might find that the iPad has uses besides actually playing notes on a virtual keyboard. Video lessons and sheet music, for instance, can be found on the iPad with ease. A lot of people find that their iPad is a great tool to use in conjunction with a piano, and it can even sit on the music stand or rest on your piano.

Learn Piano on iPad With a Keyboard

If you are looking to use a MIDI keyboard, digital piano, or another keyboard with your iPad to generate a tone, you should check that the hardware you have is compatible. A lot of the time, you will need a camera connector kit, this basically turns the iPad’s proprietary connection into something that can take standard USB connections. You can plug your USB MIDI keyboard in like this.

Alternatively, a lot of the newer, small MIDI keyboards being made are actually Bluetooth compatible. This can sometimes mean that connecting is as simple as a few presses of a button.

On top of that, you can actually use lessons within a browser. Our academy is designed to allow you to use your browser to play, so you don’t even need to download specific software. The great thing about this is the fact that it can walk you through playing songs and melodies at your own pace, and show you when you have got a note correct or incorrect. This is an interactive way to learn within your own home.

Currently, browsers on iPad do not support MIDI connections. There is a browser available that does, it’s called WEB MIDI BROWSER.

You can also use apps to trigger the sounds, but this doesn’t give as much of an interactive learning experience. iPads come with Garageband included but this doesn’t have any learning functions, instead, it just has the facility to trigger and play sounds, as well as record. This is great fun, but it may not be the most helpful if you are an absolute beginner.


It’s easier than ever to find information on playing the piano and you can learn piano on iPad, with a browser-based lesson, in person, or even with interactive models of digital piano. The choice is up to you!

There’s no denying that iPads can be a good tool to help you to learn, either via apps or in a browser.

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