One Hand Piano Songs – Best Songs to Learn with One Hand

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One hand piano songs. Is it really possible to learn songs with just one hand?

If you are just getting started with learning to play the piano, using two hands can be one of the most difficult things to get used to. In fact, we recommend that you get started by playing with just one hand to start with and then you can add in the second hand.

Just because you are playing with one hand doesn’t mean that you can’t play full songs, or at least melodies that people recognize. It may not be possible to play full, classical compositions as one hand piano songs, but a lot of pop songs have fun little melodies that you can learn. This way you can still show off your new skills to someone when you learn a quick and easy song.

The Jobs of Different Hands

It is important to work out what the different hands do so that you can establish what you might need to lose or to include when you are playing the piano.

The left and right hands will usually be playing separate, but related things. For instance, the left hand may be playing bass notes whereas the right hand is playing a melody. The left hand might play chords while the right plays a melody, or the left might play bass and the right play chords.

The lower notes will be played by the left hand and the right hand will be used to play higher notes. Using your right hand is usually the way you will start if you are playing one hand piano songs but this isn’t a specific rule.

One Hand Piano Songs

On to some songs you can play (or play a version of) using just one hand.

John Williams – Hedwig’s Theme

Our full tutorial to playing Hedwig’s theme can be found here. You can even play it within your browser. This slightly spooky and mythical piece of music is something a lot of people love to learn early in their piano adventure due to the fact that they love the Harry Potter films.

Happy Birthday to You

This is a great little melody to be able to play. Obviously, everyone is familiar with it, and when someone’s birthday rolls around you can give them a little serenade. This can be a good starting point, even for one hand piano songs it is quite easy to play.

Coldplay – Clocks

If you are looking to play a melody from a popular song then you can go for this song by English band. Clocks has quite a noticeable melody that you can play with one hand.

Bach – Chaconne – 2nd Partita in D Minor

Are you looking to play something that is a little more impressive, but can all be played with one hand? I bet you would have been surprised to learn that a Bach composition can be played with one hand. It isn’t necessarily easy, so it is important that you spend plenty of time practicing to ensure you get Chaconne right. This is a relatively famous piece of music, too.


From Bach to Harry Potter to Coldplay, there are loads of songs that you can learn how to play when you are learning to play the piano which only requires one hand. One hand piano songs can then be built on, as you incorporate bass notes or other melodies from the song.

To find more one hand piano songs, and to learn fundamentals and how to build upon your new skills, you can head to our academy to learn more and continue your piano journey.

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